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some girls do a messy ponytail and look like magical fucking fairy princesses

i do a messy ponytail and i look like a goddamn founding father

that’s fucking badass and if anyone tells you differently you should declare independence from their stupid ass

Prediction: The Forever 21 Summer Collection



-Sizeless everything. Because a small in Forever 21 sometimes looks like it could fit on somebody who is a size small, and sometimes it looks like the person who sized it has never seen sizes? Sometimes I’m a large but then I’m an extra small? Why are there so many straps and why are the armholes here?

-Stick-on bindis that contain tracking devices so you can find the person wearing it and give them a grandmotherly smack on the back of their head, okay HUDGENS?

-A shirt so heavily encrusted with skull studs that you can be a Russian Monarch Child getting shot at and still survive. We call this shirt the Anastasia. Does not come with hot cartoon dude.

-We’re still doing this with the bodysuits?

-Giant shirt that says “PIZZA-CATTITUDE-GIVE ME YOUR BOYFRIEND” and it’s actually a summoning device of the devil, who is actually the 13-year-old girl who called her mother a bitch in the makeup section at Target when I was home last weekend.

-A leather executioner’s hood with floral headband attached, for when you want to cute up your medieval cosplay.

-A light pink, floral Marauder’s Map that leads you to the section in Forever 21 with the cheap flannel that fits, the untangled necklaces and everybody is over the age of 14.

-Shorts that are so short they just go “I’m sorry, I give up” and climb straight up into your bumhole

-Graphic T-shirts that say: “Fuck it, I Guess I’ll Buy This,” “But Why is There a HOLE HERE?!?!” “This Costs 4 Dollars And This Costs 25?!” and “Oh, Awesome, Cross Detailing.”

-Jewelry that’s already green

-Skirts at Impressively Unflattering Lengths even you couldn’t imagine

-Crop Tops: Wear these and many pagan farmers believe it will keep their wheat fields going for yet another cruel and harsh summer

-A dress that seems like, maybe it will look good? Do you think this will look good? Am I too old for this? It’s not like I have any more cash than I did when I was in college.

-For the Love of All Things, Please Stop With The Elastic Waistband
-The Miley Cyrus Collection* *Girl Who Is Going To A Miley Cyrus Concert Collection

-Hey man, wanna try making a bralette for D Cups?

-A giant headband that is shaped into the Eye of Sauron, all-knowing, useful when you are searching for at least one fucking midi-ring that looks good

-A Protective Shield that just radiates Valencia Filter off you

-A cute skirt that gives you two hours of your life back in this store. God, I fucking love this store.

Even if it won’t summon Satan, I’d still solidly rock the one that says “PIZZA - CATTITUDE - GIVE ME YOUR BOYFRIEND”


I am 32 years old and finally watching my first lunar eclipse. It feels like magic.

As a feminist I must say that body shaming is a good thing because it helps build character.


as a human being, i must say…eat shit.


Real hard to want to get out of bed when this guy is so snuggly.

Is this fashionable? No. Is is fucking ADORABLE? HECK YES!


Real hard to want to get out of bed when this guy is so snuggly.

Is this fashionable? No. Is is fucking ADORABLE? HECK YES!

Where all the hot chubby bearded dudes at?



I immediately regret this.

Bonus points for attractive tattoos and being a snazzy dresser. 

bonus points for being a single dad with a ginger beard.

WHAT? If we’re making a wish list i’m getting specific…

Tumblr: I can’t with this donut, I’m dying. #dead #donut can you not? #this donut

Tumblr: I can’t with this donut, I’m dying. #dead #donut can you not? #this donut



oh my…





Half a year later, I finally complete this shiny gyarados. 


Ah, thank you! I feel so free after finishing it~


Yo, coelasquid, have you seen this?



Sometimes I get tired of being a lady. And so sometimes I dress like a gentleman. 

This is also the first time I’ve tied my own tie. I’m digging it. 

Remember last week when I said I was going to start wearing collared shirts and ties because I didn’t think I needed to be ultra femme every day?

Here we go. I am super digging my outfit today. 

Duuuuude, I am super into this outfit.


So, I went to go find photos to use as profile pictures for a new OK Cupid profile (because hello, I just moved to Vegas and I’d like to date some people), and I realized that all my cute pictures were taken so long ago that my hair has changed color in the interim.

Looks like tomorrow is a selfie day…


♦ Stripe button down shirt: Reitmans ♦ Tank: Forever 21 ♦ Boots: Joseph Campbell ♦ Cords: Hue ♦

- See more at:

An Alaskan in Vegas

So… I moved to Vegas a week and a half ago, from Alaska.

I moved here for so many reasons, and one of them is so that I can be closer to people I love, people like my best friend, her husband, and a large assortment of family in nearby California and Arizona.

But guys, my wardrobe was not prepared…

I donated all my winter clothing because I knew it would be warm, but even though it’s early spring I’m still reduced to sitting in the backyard wearing leggings as pants and oversize sunglasses. And it’s gonna get so much warmer!

I’m going to have to make so many pilgrimages to all the thrift stores here in town to get myself enough summer dresses to make it through the summer. 

As a plus I’m getting really good at eating ice cream cones without letting them drip.

xoxo, Shannon


2013: 10 Outfits You All Really Seemed to Like


Pin Up Girl Clothing

Domino Dollhouse

Heart of Haute (formerly Heartbreaker Fashions)




Sorry for the lack of OOTD updates— I’m moving to NYC next week!

A year of looking fabulous!


“I wish so much there had been a Rae when I was growing up. It would have made my life so much easier to have had someone real on TV that I could have looked at and gone: ‘I kind of look like her. I don’t look perfect, but she’s got friends. People love her so maybe people will like me for being me. I don’t have to change. I can just be myself…’ How can kids and teenagers feel comfortable when they can’t see anyone who looks like them anywhere?” - Sharon Rooney